London Cake International Show

On Saturday I went to the Cake International Cake and Decorating show in London.   I had always wanted to attend the Cake International show, but until this year it had only ever been on up in Birmingham so I never got a chance to go.  I went down purely as a shopper & decorating enthusiast – not as a blogger.  I was not equipped with my camera, and I never intended to write this post.  It wasn’t until I was “tweeting to the outside from the inside” that I decided a recap of the show might be in order. 

The show was absolutely amazing, and I’m so glad I went.  If you’re a fan of cake decorating in any form there was something here for you.  I cannot believe how crazy busy it got in the afternoon, so my advice to anyone going today or to the one up in Birmingham in November is get there EARLY.  I don’t mean camp outside over night early, but just get there when the doors open early.  The crowds were manageable first thing in the morning, but by noon they were almost unbearable.  I got to the show at 9:30 when the doors opened and left at 1:45 and I still didn’t see everything. There was demonstrations, mini workshops, cake decorators signing their books, live competitions, and then there were the sales stalls….. oh the sales stalls!  

If you’ve ever wanted a specific shade of lustre dust or holographic glitter this was your place.  I  ended up taking a zillion pictures on my iPhone (sorry for the poor quality!), so I’ll post them here and let them speak for themselves.  

 Cute little cupcake cases

 How do you decide on a glitter or dust??

Can I tempt you with some sprinkles? 

Cake balls made super easy! Make up to 28 at a time!

Mini wedding cakes inside push pop containers – too cute!

Gorgeous Cake by Zoe Clark 

 Look at that piping!

There were some absolutely AMAZING contest cakes. ** I must apologise for the influx of “man themed” cakes – I was sending pictures of them to my husband who was at home watching our son Jayden.

This one was made of chocolate!! 

The detail on this cake was incredible.  No wonder it won 1st place in its category.

This Samurai cake was massive! 

Nintendo anyone? 

Strangely, this Gremlins cake was probably one of my favourite out of all the cakes at the event. The attention to detail was absolutely amazing.  From glass like eyes, to Gizmo’s finger nails and even the torn edge of the paper note – complete with “water spill”. This cake definitely deserved it’s Gold award.

And finally after over 4 hours of hard core cake decoration shopping, I came away a very happy camper!

Did you go to the show?  If so, what did you think about it, and what did you buy???

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  1. says

    I went at about 11am yesterday and the crowds were unmanageable, I left around 2 having not seen everything. I really loved the concept and looking at all the different kids of cake but the sheer amount of people ruined it for me. My favourite cakes were definitely the cookie monster and Oscar the grouch cakes!

  2. says

    I have been to 2 of these in Birmingham last November and the year before, but after the last one I swore never again! The crowds, the heat and the pushing and shoving at the stalls put me off. BUT I love the amazing works of art and the range of goods is great…IF you can tolerate it all.

  3. says

    Wow! It looks like an incredible event! I’m in the process of wedding planning at the moment and I totally adore the teapot themed wedding cake!

  4. says

    I do agree with those of you who said it was busy. It was VERY busy, and I think the folks who put on the event should maybe think about having it in London twice a year instead of just once, and maybe extending it to 4 days rather than 3 days. I’m not sure if they can put a cap on the number of tickets they sell each day, but there’s no denying it was excessively busy.

  5. says

    I guess you have to go prepared like you would for the January sales – wear light layers, carry only one across the body handbag to have your hands free. Scout round and decide what you want to buy before loading yourself down with anything heavy.

    There was a cloakroom downstairs and for drivers, although parking is expensive (£10 for six hours), there’s plenty of it and if you buy anything big you can leave it in your boot. The security folks on door were giving people stamps on their hands so they could come in and out.

    That said, I agree it was VERY busy and it was frustrating to not be able to see a lot of stuff close up. It was easier to move around than at Squires but harder to see things up close.

    Nevertheless I’d definitely go to Birmingham now. Glad you had a great time!

  6. says

    I was there last Friday and had such a great day. My favourite cake was the Gremlins one too – such an inspired idea for a wedding cake and so well done. I thought it was busy but manageable on the Friday but imagine the weekend was a lot busier. I didn’t go too crazy with my purchases but finally managed to get a grass piping nozzle.

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