Green Chocolate Chips for St. Patrick’s Day

Remember when I made my own homemade pink and red chocolate chips to use in these Valentine’s Day Chocolate Chip Cookies?  Well I didn’t just stop at pink and red chips.  I made a couple of shades of green as well.  I figured they’d come in handy for St. Patrick’s Day, so here they are!

Again, I used my coloured chocolate chips in my favourite triple chocolate chip cookie so the greens would really stand out in the dark chocolate cookie.  These still remain my favourite cookie, they’re so rich, gooey and chocolatey.  My husband who usually doesn’t eat much sweet stuff during the week ate five, yes FIVE (that’s 5!) of these in one night!  I had to give his hand a slap in order to stop him from eating the rest before I could photograph them!

I used a combination of my homemade green chocolate chips and store bought white chocolate chips for these cookies.  The dark green chips were made using the standard green Wilton Candy Melts.  To make the lime green chips I tinted some white candy melts with some Electric Green Americolor gel food colouring.

For the full set of instructions on how to make your own chocolate chips in any colour you’d like and for the triple chocolate chip cookie recipe, visit my original post here.  

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    These are so awesome! Homemade choc chips in every colour are such a good idea! and these cookies look so tasty, especially for St.Patrick’s Day! which was more a big deal here in Vancouver than back in my dad’s Irish hometown! haha, go figure!

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