Conversion Charts

Many people from the UK find it difficult to bake using American recipes.  This is because people in the UK weigh out all of their ingredients on a scale instead of using measuring cups.  In fact, weighing out your ingredients is much more accurate than using measuring cups.  Since moving to the UK I’ve started using a scale to weigh out my ingredients in order to follow the recipes here.  I highly recommend that my readers in North America go out and purchase a scale.  They are really easy to use, and they result is a lot less clean up since you can weigh out all of your ingredients in one bowl.  I’d recommend getting a scale that can measure both liquid and dry ingredients, and that can also be switched from US to Metric at the push of a button.  A scale that does this will allow you to easily calculate your ingredients from ounces to grams.  In case you don’t have measuring cups or a scale, I’ve put together the charts below in order to help you.  I’ve also put together a few conversion charts for general baking as well as a some ingredient and food translations available here.
Note: 1 Stick of butter = 115 grams
More conversion charts coming soon….
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