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How to Style a Dessert Table

How to style a dessert table

Have you ever planned a wedding? Seven years ago I got married to my amazing husband.  Aside from the actual getting married part, the planning was what I enjoyed the most. I loved planning every single element of our wedding, from the music selection to choosing the invitations, and making or sourcing all of our decorations…. 

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A Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party


  When you’re a kid the day of your birthday party is pretty much the most important day of the year (ok, maybe aside from Christmas, and Halloween).  There’s always such a build up of anticipation leading up to the big day.   What presents will you get?  What will your birthday cake look like?… 

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Green Chocolate Chips for St. Patrick’s Day


Remember when I made my own homemade pink and red chocolate chips to use in these Valentine’s Day Chocolate Chip Cookies?  Well I didn’t just stop at pink and red chips.  I made a couple of shades of green as well.  I figured they’d come in handy for St. Patrick’s Day, so here they are! Again,… 

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