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Royal Wedding Cupcakes

With Royal Wedding fever now in full swing, and only 4 days left until the big day I thought I’d share a few cupcakes decorating ideas I put together.  Here in the UK we’ve been lucky enough to be given the day off as a national holiday (thanks Will & Kate!), so there will be thousands of viewing parties and the occasional street party going on so we can all help share in the celebrations.  But – those parties just don’t apply to the people living in the UK.  That’s right, all across the world friends will be getting together to watch the Royal Wedding and share in the festivities.  And what better way to celebrate than with cupcakes! 

For simplicities sake I decided to use Martha Stewart’s One Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes, but really – is there any other way to celebrate than with chocolate cake???  These cupcakes are super easy to bake, and since they only use one bowl you can use the extra bit of time to spend decorating rather than washing up.

The best thing about these cupcakes (aside from the fact they taste amazing) is that you can make all of the decorations yourself – even the little flags!  I’ve included a printable template for those below.  Instructions for the flowers and glittery balls are also below.

Martha Stewart’s One Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes


3/4 Cup (94g) Cocoa Powder 
1 1/2 Cups (188g) Flour 
1 1/2 Cups (338g) Sugar 
1 1/2 tsp Baking Soda 
3/4 tsp Baking Powder 
3/4 tsp Salt 
2 Eggs 
3/4 Cup (178ml) Warm Water 
3/4 Cup (178ml) Buttermilk 
3 Tbsp Vegetable Oil 
1 tsp Vanilla Extract

Buttercream recipe of your choice – I just used plain vanilla


1.  Preheat oven to 350ºF (175ºC).  Sift together cocoa powder, flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, and salt into a large bowl. Add eggs, warm water, buttermilk, oil, and vanilla, and mix until smooth, about 2 – 3 minutes. Scrape down the sides and bottom of bowl to assure batter is well mixed.

2.  Divide the batter evenly among 2 lined cupcake pans (24 individual cupcakes), filling each 2/3 full. Bake until tops spring back when touched, about 20 minutes, rotating pan once if needed. Transfer to a wire rack and let cool completely before icing and decorating.

3.  Pipe big swirls of buttercream icing onto the cupcakes and decorate using one of the below ideas.

Royal Wedding Sugarpaste Flowers

These flowers look a lot harder than they actually are – in fact they’re super easy, but you will need a special silicone mold and flower cutters to make them.  I bought my cutter and mold set a year or so ago, but unfortunately I can’t find the mold on the company website anymore.   The mold is called the 5 petal blossom veiner, so I’d suggest having a look around your local sugar craft supply store or eBay to see if they have it.  The cutters are a set of 2 different sized petunia cutters – available here

You’ll also need a few other things pictured below – edible pearls for the centers of the flowers, edible pearl lustre dust, and sugar floral paste & gel colours – both pictured here.

First you’ll need to colour your floral paste with a gel paste, and then roll it out so it’s nice and thin before (see here for an example) using the petunia cutters to cut out your flowers.  Next you’ll need to dust your flower silicone mold to prevent the flower paste from sticking – if you want your flowers to have a subtle sparkle to them dust the mold with silver lustre dust.  If you’d prefer them not to have any sparkle then lightly dust your mold with cornstarch (corn flour).  Place the flat floral paste flower cut out into the bottom of the mold, then place the top half of the mold on top of the bottom half and press firmly and evenly to create your flower shape.  Carefully lift off the top of the mold, and then gently peel the floral paste flower from the bottom half making sure you keep it’s newly formed shape.  Dry them upside down for at least half an hour to ensure they keep their shape.  Lastly you’ll need to give your flower a center by adding an edible pearl (or silver ball).  You can glue the pearls into the centers by using a tiny dot of icing.

Once your flowers are dry and your centers are stuck in place you can place them on top of your cupcakes to give them an elegant Royal Wedding look.  

Glitter Covered Balls

Another one of my favourite decorations are glittery balls.  These are so easy!  Simply roll a tiny bit of sugarpaste into a ball using your hands.  Next, brush each ball with a bit of edible glue (not pictured, but available at sugar craft stores & Hobby Craft in the UK).  Once the balls are coated in edible glue, simply drop them into a jar of edible glitter and roll them around until they’re entirely coated in glitter.  Use tweezers to carefully pick up the glitter covered ball, tapping off any excess glitter so it falls back into the jar, and then place them on your cupcakes.

Union Jack Cupcake Flags

Now I understand that not everyone has time to order the flower mold before the Royal Wedding, or even the desire to spend the time making those little flowers.  So, if you’re one of those people, then these Union Jack flags are for you!  They’re seriously easy to make.  I’ve done the hardest part for you be creating the flag template, which I’ve attached below so you can download and print it yourself.

** To download – click the orange download button on the top right hand corner of the PDP preview above.

After you’ve printed off the cupcake flags, simply cut them out along the faint dotted line, use a glue stick to cover the plain back side with glue and then place a toothpick in the middle of the paper & fold the paper over to form the flag.  See!  Told you they were simple!  Now all that’s left to do is sit back and enjoy the Royal Wedding!

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Cupcakes for Christmas

With the big day just around the corner, there’s still time to make a little something special to share with your friends and family on Christmas eve or Christmas day.  We’re all pretty busy this time of year.  There’s food to prepare, gifts to be wrapped and stockings to be stuffed.  I’ve come up with a few super easy ways to decorate your cupcakes for Christmas.  And don’t worry if you’re not very handy with a piping bag – I’ve also made a couple of cute little toppers that you can just stick right on top of your cupcake.  Here’s a few really simple ideas to decorate some cupcakes for Christmas. 
Christmas Tree Cupcakes 
These really are as simple as they look.  Pipe a big swirl of green icing onto your cupcake for the tree, then add some sprinkles for the lights, and finally cut out a little star from sugar paste or fondant to top it all off.  Pretty cute huh? (Excuse my icing, it looks a bit dry but it really wasn’t!)
Christmas Pudding Cupcakes 
Christmas puddings are a staple on every Christmas table in the UK, but they’re not very common in North America.  They’re traditionally made with dried fruit, spices and brandy, but are a bit labour intensive and can require up to 8 hours of steaming before they’re done the first phase of cooking.  Christmas puddings are made months ahead of time, and are then stored in a cool dark place (as one recipe states: “under the bed in an unheated bedroom is an ideal place”) until the big day.  They’re traditionally served with a custard or brandy sauce poured over top, and garnished with a sprig of holly.   If you’re like me and can’t be bothered with all that fuss, and I much prefer the taste (and ease) of a chocolate cupcake then give these decorated Christmas Pudding Cupcakes.  Cover your cupcake with chocolate icing, take a dollop of white icing and spread it around so it looks like it’s running down the top of the cupcakes, and then top it off with a few pieces of holly that have been cut out from sugar paste of fondant. Easy, and no piping bag required! 
Gingerbread Man Cupcakes 
You’ve got 2 choices with these, but both require a mini gingerbread cutter.  Last year I got a package of 12 mini gingerbread man cookie cutters, each one in a different position.  I didn’t get around to making gingerbread men this year, so I just used some sugar paste that I tinted brown.  You can use either sugar paste, fondant or gingerbread for your little men, and then use some little sprinkles for a face and buttons. 
Here are the two fondant plunger cutters I used for the star and holly decorations.  They’re sold in packs 3 stars and 3 holly leaves, each in a different size.  I kinda forgot to take a picture of all my little gingerbread men.  I got them at TK Maxx last year, but still see them there every few months. 
If you’re more of a cupcake topper fan, then you can give these ones a try.   
I purchased some pre-tied bows from the fabric store and just glued a toothpick onto the back of them.  Simple. But if you’re in more of a crafty mood you might want to making the little reindeer toppers.  
I picked up a pack of little gingham print wooden reindeer and a pack pre-tied tiny green and silver bows from Hobby Craft – each were only £1.  Simply trim the bows and glue them onto the reindeer using a glue gun.  Once they’ve cooled, flip them over and glue a toothpick onto the back. 
These are so easy to make, and I think they’re really something different than a regular cupcake decorated using only icing.  There’s just something very fun and whimsical about them.  So I’ve you’ve got a bit of spare time in the next day or so, give one of these cupcake ideas a try!

Easy Decorated Cupcakes

So I understand that not everyone is in the mood for creepy Halloween spiders cupcakes these days.  Some people have other things on their minds.  Things like birthdays or weddings.  So if you’re more preoccupied with celebrating than scarring, then hopefully these cupcakes will inspire you.  
Butterfly Cupcakes 
To make these pretty butterfly cupcakes you’ll need to pick up a few supplies from your local craft or cake decorating store.  You’ll need some sugar paste, gel icing colour, lustre dust, rolling pin and a butterfly plunger cutter. 
First you’ll need to take a ball of sugar paste and colour it with a tiny bit of gel colouring.  Make sure you don’t use too much though – a little dab’ll do ya!  Now roll out the coloured sugar paste so it’s about 3mm thick.  I like to use a silicone mat when I do this.  You might need to use a bit of cornstarch if your sugar paste is a bit sticky. Once rolled out, use your butterfly cutter to cut out your butterfly, making sure to press down firmly.

Now that you’ve got your butterfly cut out, you’ll need to take a paint brush (a clean one please!) and dip it into the lustre dust and then brush it onto the sugar paste so it’s nice and sparkly.  
The final step is to dry your butterfly so it looks like it’s flying.  To do this you’ll need a cooling rack.  Just lay the butterflies on the rack and push down on the center so the wings begin to push up.  Leave the butterflies to dry for a day or two before placing them on top of your iced cupcakes.  If they aren’t dried out enough they’ll begin to wilt because of the moisture in your buttercream icing. 
These butterflies really are super easy to make.  And with a bit of practice you can make some really pretty and professional looking cupcakes!  
Crystal Flower Cupcake Toppers 
If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll remember that in August I went back home to Canada for a little holiday.  While I was there I found a few leftover bits from my wedding – a container of shimmery silver flower confetti and a tube of crystals.  
Two years ago my mom and I painstakingly glued a tiny crystal to the center of each flower, (nearly 200 of them!) which we then glued onto the corner of each guests’ place card.  I really loved the look of these little flowers, so I decided to re-create them to use as cupcake toppers. 
All you need to do it use a tiny bit of glue to fix the crystal to the flower, and then glue a toothpick onto the back of the flower.  That’s it!  
If you live in Canada or the USA and want to make these flower cupcake toppers you can get the Brides Flower Confetti at Michaels Crafts, and the little vial of crystals at Walmart.  Unfortunately they don’t carry this flower confetti in the UK, but you could probably find a flower paper punch  and some shimmery paper at Hobby Craft.   
These are probably some of the prettiest and easiest cupcake toppers you’ll ever make! 
If you’re thinking about coming along to Cupcake Camp London on October 31st, then feel free to make these to bring along

May Foodie Penpal Reveal

This was my second month as a Foodie Penpal, and I received a great little box of goodies from Fiona of the blog Fee Hates Rain.  I told Fiona how I liked snacky type stuff as well unique things or ingredients that I don’t come across in my regular mainstream supermarket.  Fiona did a great job selecting some unique products – none of which I’ve ever tried or seen before.  

Along with a pretty note card, Fiona sent me some Lap Snacks – these are roasted broad beans coated in a spicy batter, and they are delicious!  They’ve got just a hint of spice in them without being too hot,  They’re great to snack on at my desk – nice and crunchy!

Also included was some Scrummee brand Yorkshire Rhubarb, Lemongrass and Ginger dessert sauce.  I haven’t tried this yet, but it sounds absolutely amazing.  I can’t wait to try it – either in a recipe or on top of some vanilla ice cream.  

Fee also sent a really unique bar of chocolate – Madecasse Pink Pepper and Citrus Chocolate.  The label says it’s 63% cocoa with pink pepper and combava fruit.  I’ve never heard of combava fruit before!  I haven’t tried this yet.  It’s so unique I don’t know what to expect, but I love the fact that she managed to incorporate Pink into it! 

Last but not least, she sent a fancy little packet of Peri-peri chicken spice that I cannot wait to try!  My husband and I both love peri-peri chicken, and I’m saving this for a special meal when we can both sit down together and enjoy it – something we rarely get to do!

A huge thank you again to Fiona for sending me such a great package that was so thoughtfully put together!  

As for myself, my Foodie Penpal was Sarah from the Blog North West Nosh.  Sarah told me that she ate a lot of Eastern foods, and was really into spices like cardamon and cinnamon, as well as rose flavours, and also like snacky stuff too.

Sarah’s package suggestions gave me the perfect opportunity to explore the new Asian market that recently opened up near my office.  It was filled with so many neat products I hadn’t seen before and many that I’d used before, but needed to make a special trip to another store far away to find.

I bought Sarah some Moroccan spiced couscous, rose flavoured Turkish delight, several different types of nougat and 4 different flavours of sesame snaps.  

Waitrose had recently sent me a package filled with a selection of their Jubilee goodies, but I decided to pass some of them along to my Foodie Penpal this month as an extra little bonus because it was so near to the Diamond Jubilee.  I had been sent so much Jubilee product that there was no way I could ever use it all. Hopefully Sarah can have fun with it this weekend.  The Waitrose Jubilee items were: cupcake cases and toppers, 4 different tubes of festive icing and some street party Royal Trivia cards.

If you’re new here and haven’t heard of Foodie Penpals you can check out my first Foodie Penpals post here.

If you’d like to become a Foodie Penpal you can find more information and sign up through the Rock Salt Blog here if you’re in the UK & Europe, or through the Lean Green Bean Blog here is your in the US & Canada.