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Diamond Jubilee Petit Fours


By now it’s no secret the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is coming up next week.  Over here in the UK we’re in full BBQ and street party planning mode.  To be honest, I’ve never actually been to a street party before – I guess they’re kind of like the North American block party, although to be… 

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Queens Diamond Jubilee Hat Cookies


When I was living in Canada I was always a little envious of our patriotic American neighbours.    To many outsiders their patriotic enthusiasm seemed overly excessive and brash, but as a Canadian kid I looked on in amazement.  They took any opportunity they could get to plaster their flag on anything and everything, and… 

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Peggy Porschen’s Heavenly Chocolate Cupcakes


First things first.  It’s national cupcake week.  So obviously you know what that means. Cupcakes. Cupcakes, and more cupcakes.  They’ve been everywhere this week.  On Twitter, on TV, and online – even more than they already were before.   So as we near the end of cupcake week I figured it was only right that… 

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