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Breakfast Club July Roundup

July Breakfast Club

We had another successful Breakfast Club last month with lots of delicious entries that are sure to start your day off right.  As always, there’s no monthly theme for Breakfast Club, so you’re free to blog about, and share whatever you like – as long as it’s something you had for breakfast and others might… 

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Fairy Bread – It’s not just for parties, plus July Breakfast Club

Fairy Bread

The past few weeks in the UK have been so incredibly hot it’s been borderline unbearable. We’re talking sleep in your underwear with the fans on kinda weather. We’ve been enjoying early morning and evening walks while it’s still cool enough to be comfortable outside. I love this time of year.  I’ve really begun to embrace the… 

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Speculoos Swiss Roll


Speculoos. Speculooooos! You have to admit, it’s pretty fun to say. But if all your thinking is “speculoos what?”, then you might be more familiar with the American name – Biscoff or Biscoff Spread.   Originally from Belgium, Speculoos biscuits are delicious little crunchy biscuits that are flavoured with a blend of caramalised sugar and a… 

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Mini Orange Cakes for Bonfire Night


Remember remember the 5th of November……….. Well, tonight is officially bonfire night in the UK, although the majority of bonfires were probably over the weeekend, there will still be quite a few going on tonight.  I’ve made up a cute little treat for bonfire night, and best of all they can actually be cooked right in… 

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