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Gourmet S’mores


The weather here in the UK has been positively dismal.  Having just returned to soggy ol’ England from holiday in Toronto where the weather was 38°C (100°F) has only reinforced the fact that our summer so far has been absolutely crappy.  It was so nice to get away and spend some time in a tropical climate… 

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This is NOT a Peanut Butter Cup


Well, we all know I LOVE peanut butter, but this post is not about peanut butter and that chocolate thing above is NOT a peanut butter cup.  Something else I love are s’mores, and by now we’re all pretty familiar with s’mores.  After all, I’ve already done 2 posts on them – once here and… 

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You Asked For S’more, I’ll Give You S’more!


See those S’mores?  They look pretty good don’t they? They’re made with graham crackers (like most s’mores are).  And if you read my previous smores post then I know what your thinking – hold on a second, they don’t have graham crackers in the UK.  Well, your right – we don’t.  But we do have… 

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