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Red Velvet Whoopie Pies – They’re Not Just For Valentines Day!


So, the last few weeks have been pretty crazy for me, which once again has resulted in a lack of posts.  Eeek!  Even though I can’t post, it doesn’t mean I’ve stopped baking!  And once again our computer stopped working.  The hard drive basically died, which meant I was without a computer for an entire… 

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Les Merveilleux aka “Cloudy Cakes”


First it was cupcakes, then whoopie pies, followed by macarons and eclairs. Bite sized cake & pastry trends have been continuously changing over the past few years since I’ve been blogging.  And it looks like the next big thing in single serving sweet treats are artisan donuts. I see them popping up everywhere in specialty bakeries across London,… 

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Speculoos Swiss Roll


Speculoos. Speculooooos! You have to admit, it’s pretty fun to say. But if all your thinking is “speculoos what?”, then you might be more familiar with the American name – Biscoff or Biscoff Spread.   Originally from Belgium, Speculoos biscuits are delicious little crunchy biscuits that are flavoured with a blend of caramalised sugar and a… 

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